• Social Media

    We work with brands, festivals, events and artists to listen, understand and get involved in conversations online; we break it up into strategy, research, engagement, community and crisis management and reporting. We help you to listen to what people are saying about you, your market and your competitors; create campaigns to engage the public to get them talking about you; monitor your profiles and pages and be there to fight fires in case anything doesn't go to plan; and send you detailed reports using a custom built web application. We work closely with the design and dev team on apps, Facebook integration and websites.

    Web design & development

    We build and design websites, Facebook tabs/pages, Facebook applications and web applications, and we're comfortable using existing designs and CMSs or creating either of those from scratch. As we believe that your content should be seen by any device, we use standards based HTML and CSS to create rich media content, and when necessary, we'll toss in some Javascript for more complex interactivity and animations.

    Strategy / consulting

    If you're interested in getting a broad understanding of what conversations are happening around your brand and/or to understand the impact of social media, we're happy to work with you on a consultancy basis to provide research, create bespoke strategies, advise on crisis management and provide advice.